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Mental Health and Wellbeing through PBIS

Complete mental health is only achieved through both the absence of risk factors and presence of resilience factors


Students with complete mental health

experience better academic, physical health, and social outcomes





PBIS fosters resiliency and mental well-being through:

  • school-wide instruction of behavioral, social, and life skills,
  • promotion of safe and nurturing school environments
    with consistent and clear expectations and rules, and
  • data-based identification of problems linked to
    evidence-based interventions across all tiers.

Interconnected Systems Framework (ISF)

is an emerging approach for building a single system to address mental health and well-being in schools.


Foundational Elements of ISF:

  • Single system of delivery
  • All students need access to mental health supports
  • Student impact defines success
  • A multi-tiered system of supports guides implementation