District-Level Coaching

Schools rely on district personnel to provide resources that make PBIS practices easier to use, and to address conditions that make it harder for educators to implement (such as inflexible data systems, funding streams, political support, and so on). This requires that decision-makers from multiple departments come together to develop a single plan that addresses all behavior supports across all schools. These decision-makers are referred to as the District-Level Leadership Team (DLT).

Young smiling black woman at the wall with stickers communicating with her colleagues.

The PBIS District Coordinator

The PBIS District Coordinator (DC) serves as the main contact for the FLPBIS Project. The DC works with their district’s leadership team to:

  • Coordinate resources so that practices are easy for schools to use
  • Provide guidance to other district leaders as they infuse PBIS into their department’s curricula and practices
  • Provide instruction, modeling and feedback to school-level PBIS team members throughout the district

Have you recently been identified as a DC for a school district in Florida? If so, we have a New DC Orientation developed just for you.  If you have been a DC for a district in Florida for any amount of time, the New DC Orientation is useful as a quick refresher for accessing resources and materials. Enroll in the New DC Orientation now.

District Resources

The resources below are intended for district-level personnel supporting schools with planning, professional development, and implementation. For additional assistance, contact your FLPBIS technical assistance specialist.